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Hello Gorgeous Theme By Hello You DesignsChoosing the perfect theme for your WordPress website is the hardest dilemma ever. That was the case for me at the very least. First off, being the usual OCD that I am, everything had to be perfect and in order before I could move on to the next step; Otherwise, it is all chaos for me. Hence, after much ado about nothing, I have fully decided to settle with this gorgeous and lovely feminine WordPress theme called “Hello Gorgeous“, crafted by Hello You Designs.


It took me about a year and a half before I have decided that enough is enough in terms of experimenting, and that it’s about time to settle. Why did it take me so long to decide which one I liked the most? Well, when you have Creativemarket, Themeforest, Studiopress, and so much more to choose from — you get that Analysis Paralysis Syndrome. As a creative, I was debating whether to set my blog to look professional or corporate; Or be on the feminine and dainty side of things. There were numerous themes that enticed me to go for a more corporate-looking blog and there were also a ton of themes that pushed for the feminine and sophisticated side of things.


More so, I was also debating whether I’d stick to a framework such as Genesis or a page builder such as Elementor. Both of which I extremely love and that of which differ greatly in how they work. However, I am familiar with both which added to my dilemma even more.

In addition, I was also contemplating on whether I should partner with a web hosting company to further my entrepreneurial venture, or to simply get a self-hosted WordPress website myself. I have never worked as a partner before which made the idea harder. Eventually, here I am — all partnered up and ready to go. I am proud of this baby step that I have taken because now, I could finally see where I’m headed. I have chosen the road less traveled and hope to flourish from hereon forward.


Other Feminine WordPress Themes I Own


Victoria WordPress Theme

Image © Bluchic

Victoria Theme by Bluchic.

Victoria Theme by Bluchic was the second feminine theme I owned and still currently own. It was initially intended for my then Millennial Bella company that I have retired prior to re-establishing this blog. Technically, it is not retired but simply rebranded, merged, and re-established under a different brand — Webpreneur. *which I’m still in it’s alpha stage — trial and error + the constant indecisiveness


Chanel WP Theme by 17th Avenue Designs

Image © 17th Avenue Designs


Chanel WordPress Theme by 17th Avenue Designs

The Chanel WordPress Theme by 17th Avenue Designs was the first ever feminine theme I’ve owned. I fell in love with its sophisticated beauty, minimal design, and elegant upbringing. If you are a blogger who loves minimalism yet want a sophisticated and elegant blog, this theme is perfect for you. It’s also ideal for the Chanel lovers as this theme has been inspired by it; Or Tom Ford lovers too.

If you like the theme of my blog, you can find more information about it at the Support Site of Hello You Designs.



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