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Paula's Choice - My First Purchase

Paula’s Choice – My First Purchase


Have you heard of the brand Paula’s Choice Skincare? I could not fully remember how I stumbled upon this brand, but back in 2015, they had this cool offer where I only paid $10 for the whole shebang that you see in the image (including shipping & handling). It’s actually pretty cool because I also got this beauty booklet that talked about beauty myths people follow.

I initially purchased the Skin Perfecting 2% BHA as recommended by my skin type profile (dry/dry combination). It currently sells for $29 per bottle which is plenty enough to last one about a year or so. Imagine, I only got it for $10? You don’t need to use it everyday; My suggestion is once to twice per week just to rebalance your facial skin’s PH.

Why I Love Paula’s Choice Skincare

Not only because Paula is a fellow Seattleite like me, but because her products are backed by scientific research. Meaning to say, she is backed by her trusted medical partners in delivering expert beauty products formulated for the feminine skin types. If you go to the Paula’s Choice Website, you will find that every product has research information about it.

More so, she lists her ingredient list too for consumers to know what they are putting on their skin. Most importantly, her loyal customers provide great feedback for every single purchase.

Why You Would Love Paula’s Choice Skincare

If you have Seborrheic Dermatitis like me (a skin condition where you get scaly patches on the scalp = dandruff), you know the suffering we have to go through every season. Personally, my skin gets so dry that makeup can’t even cover the scaliness on my face. It is frustrating because the dry skin is making you look so darn dry!

When I started to use Paula’s Skin Perfecting BHA (in addition to my regular face cream), my skin got rejuvenated from this dryness. I did try to use it on a daily basis, but my skin didn’t like it. Hence, I tried once or twice a week and so far has worked out for my skin care routine.

If you would like to try it or is currently using one of her products, I would love to hear the experience from you! Do you like it? Has it worked for you? Feel free to comment below! ^_^



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