PillPack By Amazon

Amazon has been dominating the retail market since the beginning of time. After successfully dominating the grocery industry, Jeff Bezos has decided to acquire PillPack so that he can also dominate the pharmacy industry. Not only are we able to order prescriptions online via an almost free prescription delivery, but PillPack by Amazon also packages it in a minimalistic modern way. It’s almost as if it was screaming get rid of those yellow bottles (although Amazon is technically – yellow).

PillPack By Amazon

As a millennial, I am a get-up-and-go type of person. I’ve got a myriad of things in my list and stopping by at the neighborhood pharmacy for prescriptions after work is the number one priority in my not-to-do list. 

I have successfully married Amazon for groceries and shopping – why not in ordering prescriptions online as well, right?

Order Prescriptions Online

Skip the pesky lines at the pharmacy and order your prescriptions online with PillPack. Not only are you able to schedule at your own convenience, you are also able to track when your prescription delivery date is and where it’s currently at. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be ten years ago? 😀 

For my first order of medications, I only paid $0.59 including shipping. A month later, my second order was about $3.50 which is still not bad for prescriptions + delivery. 

PillPack By Amazon

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