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What are your creative needs?

Every business person is different. Whether you are an experienced or first time founder, your business will need the identity it needs to be able to relate to your customers. From branding identity to product design prototypes, or perhaps a full rebrand; Generous budget or none at all – I have solutions that will fit and work around your needs. Ready to design your dream business? Let’s do this!



The Process

I work on a contract basis for the majority of paid projects I involve myself with. For the most part, this means that the payment process typically has two parts: the down payment (fully reimbursable*) and the final payment (non-refundable*). The down payment is due after a contract has been set. The contract is a legal binding agreement between what you will get based on what you want, and that the proposal presented to you is adequate enough and meets your project requirements.


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Is there a consultation fee?
No, there is no fee for consultations. However, the maximum allowable time I can give is up to an hour. We both have busy lives and productivity is what we all have to value as business persons.
How long is the duration for a typical project?
It usually depends on the complexity of the work involved. For simple projects such as a business card design, the turn around would be about 2-3 days. If the project involves building a website, that could potentially take weeks to months.
My budget is very limited. Do I have other cheaper options?
If your budget is extremely tight, you can purchase individual products through the shop. Take note that the shop is always growing so please ask if your need is not listed yet. 🙂
Why are your services cheaper than the rest?
I serve small businesses and individual people, not corporations. Plus, I believe in fair and transparent pricing. A good partnership requires trust and loyalty.