Tinkham Campground Review

If you live in Washington State, you never will be a true Washingtonian without camping (ever). As most of us know, Washington is the Evergreen State because of its lush landscape and pine trees that cover the lands. If it’s your first time to camp out though, you are not alone. It was my first time during the summer of 2018 at Tinkham Campground – it was the closest I could find. 

As a first time camper, I did not want to deviate away from civilization too far yet. It was a precaution, at the same time my natural instinct to seek safety for myself and my loved ones. 

Tinkham Campground, WA USA

2018 Tinkham Campground, WA USA

Where Is Tinkham Campground?

Tinkham is part of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. It is basically east of Maple Valley, WA and will take about an hour from there. 

The place was great – especially the site where me and my family got to camp at (Site #13). I chose it because it was across the vaulted restrooms and had direct access to the river. According to the crews, Site 13 or Loop 13 is the popular site in this campground. I see why. You’ll see why when you go too. 

2018 Tinkham Campground | Campsite #13

Tinkham Campground | Site #13

Tinkham Campground Vaulted Restroom

Tinkham Campground Vaulted Restroom

Pros & Cons Of Tinkham Campground

  • LTE Accessible
  • River Access
  • Pet Friendly
  • Vaulted Restroom
  • Insects At Night
  • Freeway Noise
  • AT&T
  • Car Accessible
  • RV Accessible
  • Wheelchair Accessible*
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