Which Hosting Provider Is Right For Me?

Have you ever thought of starting an online blog, building a profitable online business, or simply establishing an online brand portfolio for yourself? Nowadays, every individual is on the internet because the digital age has come upon us. Personally speaking, I believe that each person should have their own personal website to showcase themselves just like any paper resume would present itself to your prospective employer. Think of it as your online resume, media kit, personal website, and however you want to call it. The question you might ask yourself – which hosting provider is right for me?

There are a variety of hosting providers offering amazing deals – some of which are costly and some of which are steals. Depending on your goals, there are certain providers that I would recommend (money-wise) for personal bloggers, career-seekers, online designers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and the list goes on. First, identify which category you most likely fall on.

Who Am I As An Individual?

  1. Blogger. Personal blog owners, reviewers, online diaries, and the likes.
  2. Professional. Individuals looking to establish online presence for their business or career needs. This also includes companies, big or small.

Blogger Categories

  • Personal Blogger – a personal blogger is someone who writes for passion and/or hobby. Some monetary gains but not much.
  • Expert Blogger – an expert blogger is someone who writes for passion and hobby, at the same time identifies herself as a professional individual in a specific niche or field. Expert bloggers usually mean business and networking to earn a living online.

Professional Categories

  • Company – a company is a person or established commercial business who intends to sell physical, digital, or both goods online.
  • Professional Individual – a professional is a person who does not intend to sell goods online but instead, simply establish online presence and advertise themselves to other companies in hopes of gaining connections and contracts. This can also include professionals who offer services instead of physical or digital products.

Which Hosting Provider Is Right for Me?

Personal Blogger. If you have clearly identified yourself

Expert Blogger


Professional Individual

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